• Community and Enhancement Committee

  • Mission Statement: To improve the community's appearance through partnerships, education, and action!

    Keep Levelland Beautiful will implement and maintain the Keep Texas Beautiful goals and to study, investigate and develop plans for improving the health, sanitation, safety, and cleanliness of the City of Levelland by beautifying the streets, highways, alleys, lots, yards, and other similar places in the City. Keep Levelland Beautiful will review removal and elimination of trash and other debris from the streets, highways, alleys, lots, yards, and other similar places; to encourage the placing, planning, and/or preservation of trees, flowers, plants, shrubbery, and other objects or ornamentation in the City and recommend plans to other agencies of the said City of the environment of Levelland.

  • Current Committee Members:

  • John Agnew
    Christy Barnett
    Donny Barry
    Tushar Bhakta
    Michelle Davis
    Tammy Franklin

  • Ty Gregory
    Stephen Henry
    Debbie Hudson
    Barbra Pinner
    Erik Rejino
    Jody Rose

  • Mary Siders
    Ronald Spears
    Michael Stueart
    Donna Wheeler
    Billy Youngblood

  • Upcoming Events

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