• Hotel Occupancy Tax Funding

  • Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) dollars may fund specifically defined aspects of events given the following two stipulations:

    • The event/organization receiving HOT funds must attract overnight tourists to the city's hotels and motels, thus promoting the city's hotel industry.
    • The event/organization receiving HOT funds must advertise the city.

    In order to receive funding, the HOT Committee reviews the details of an event and projects its ability to meet lawful funding criteria.  Additionally, the committee appraises the event and its revenue generating potential partially based on past performance and attendance.  Once the mentioned committee approves an event, a proposal comprised of the information that led the committee's decision making goes to city council.  City council ultimately approves or denies the request.  New proposals go to city council before each event.  The amount proposed may be adjusted according to accumulated performance data from previous years.

    If you are interested in bringing an event to Levelland, please contact us, we are happy to assist you with your planning!  Additionally, your event may qualify for Hotel Occupancy Tax funding!  Please review the documents to learn more and call 806-894-3157 or e-mail to further discuss funding possibilities!

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